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  The 9th Division WWII Historical Preservation Society has worked very hard to become one of the premiere WW II re-enactment units on the east coast.  We take our hobby very serious and we are very proud of our unit. We have established guidelines to better our impression of a U.S. Army combat infantryman in WWII.  We portray a early to late war unit and must maintain a high level of realism and authenticity because anything less would be an insult to the veterans of WWII and to our Country.

The 9th strives to maintain the highest level of authenticity possible at events. We have established a uniform and equipment guide for new members. Therefore, potential members must have the “basic requirements” before lining up along side us at their first event. We will help you find all the proper gear you need, answer any questions you may have, and we will even show you how to lace up your leggings. In our group, you will see that we will take the time to show new members the ropes.

We take care of our new members, but in return we expect dedication and hard work. New members will learn the 9th history, so you will be able to answer questions from the public. You will learn the manual of arms, how to march and drill, how to clean your rifle, how to set up a platoon camp, and how to maneuver in combat.

New Recruits: We welcome interested individuals to join the 9th Infantry Division Living History Society (LHS). The 9th operates with a 6-month "Probationary Period" for all new recruits. This time period is to see if there is a "FIT" for both the group and the individual(this timeframe was determined understanding that any new recruit might only attend 2-3 events in that time period). Those seeking to join the 9th LHS will be provided assistance (historical, educational) and a personal "Mentor". Should a new Recruit show strong commitment and contribution, time, effort and energy, we may offer "Full Membership" in advance of the "Probation Period" (6 months). New Recruits will wear a "Replacement Patch" during the Probation Period - Upon completion, your official 9th ID patch will be awarded to you.

Impressions: The 9th Infantry Division represents a Typical WWII "Infantry" GI of the period, as well as some other impressions such as 4th Cavalry, MPs, etc.). Any other "Impression" MAY be considered, provided that impression enhances the 9th LHS in some manner or significance. Any such "Optional Impression" should bring a positive benefit to our Group, events, or Public Education. In such a case, the Governing Council will evaluate and then vote on this matter - to approve or not approve.

New members will see that in the 9th we are all equals, and we all pitch in to get the job done. Your interest in WWII history and respect for our honored WWII veterans brought you this far, contact us and we will take you one step closer to actually being there. If you are at an event where we are attending come see to us and we would be glad to talk to you about joining the Unit.

Basic Requirements:


1 Wool Uniform

Trouser belt

M-1941 Jacket

Wool over sea’s cap with blue piping

Brown boots with leggings


Field Gear

M-1941 (M1) Helmet

U.S. Model M1 Garand, .30 cal

U.S. Model M1 Garand Bayonet

M-1923 Cartridge Belt with suspenders

M-1910 Canteen and Cover

First Aid pouch

M-1910 T-handle shovel or M-1943 E-Tool

** One of our preferred vendors is EMC Militaria. They are a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran owned business
If you are serious about honoring our Vets, participating in a
a rewarding hobby and just having a load of fun,
contact us now and start your journey into a new and exciting adventure!



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