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Axis Reenactment Groups

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9th Division Research

The 9th Division Veterans Association The 9th Division Veterans Homepage
The 60th Infantry Division Veterans Association The 9th Division Veterans Homepage

Other Veterans Associations

The Camden Light Artillery The Camden Light Artillery - 50th Armored Division "The Jersey Blues" Homepage
The 4th Cavalry Veterans Assn. Website for The 4th Cavalry Group - WWII
The 69th Armor Regiment Association Website for The 69th Armor Regiment Association
The 78th Division Veterans Association The 78th Division Veterans Association Homepage

Allied Reenactment Units

U.S. ARMY:        [return to top of page]
9th Division, 39th Infantry, King Co.: Colorado area.
9th Division, 39th Infantry Florida, Southeast US.

Dog Company: Chicagoland.
1st Division, Fox Co., 2/26th Infantry (PNWHG): Pacific Northwest.
1st Division, E-Co., 2/16th Infantry: New York
1st Division,
"G" Co., 3rd Plt., 3rd Squad, 16th Regiment/299th Combat Engineers: Midwest.
1st Special Service Force: East-coast US.
2nd Ranger Battalion: Missouri.
2nd Armored Division, 1st Co., 2nd Battalion, 41st Armored Inf. Rgt.: UK-based unit, doubling as German 12.SS.
3rd Division: Florida.
3rd Division: California.
36th Armored Infantry Regiment, 3rd Armored Division (NWHA): Northwest.
4th Division (TSG):  (E-mail link) Ohio.
4th Division, Military Police Platoon: Maryland, North Carolina, & Indiana.
5th Ranger Battalion, E-Co. (TSG): Michigan.
6th Cavalry Group: New Jersey.
10th Mountain Division: Colorado.
26th Division: Northeast US.
28th Division, Company "L", 109th Infantry Regiment: Eastern US.
28th Division, 110th Infantry Regiment: PA-based.
29th Division: South-East.
30th Division (WWII HPS/HRS): Iowa.
30th Division, 117th Infantry Regiment (HRS): Minnesota.
30th Division, 117th Regiment, L-Co.: East-coast US.
33rd Signal Construction Batallion: US group portraying Signal Corps troops that support communications in the field.
35th Division, 134th Infantry Regiment: Midwest US.
35th Division, 320th Infantry Regiment: East coast US.
45th Division (WWIIRA): NJ and Pennsylvania.
70th Tank Battalion/Roberts Armory: Midwest.
82nd Airborne Division, 504th PIR (WW II HRS): Midwest.
82nd Airborne Division, Co. F, 325th GIR (WW II HRS): Central Indiana.
82nd Airborne Division (PNWHG): Pacific Northwest.
82nd Airborne Division, 3/505th PIR (AHA): Washington & Oregon.
83rd Division, B-Co., 329th RCT: East-coast US.
84th Division, Company H, 334th Infantry Regiment: Midwest/MO.
88th Division, 350th RCT (ETO): Midwest.
90th Division, 358th Regiment 2nd Btn: Ohio & PA.
94th Division: New York based unit.
101st Airborne Division, 501st PIR: Eastern TN, GA, and AL.
101st Airborne Division, 3rd Platoon, B-Co., 1/502nd PIR (TSG): Illinois.
101st Airborne Division, B-Co., 1/502nd PIR (TMHS): Texas.
101st Airborne Division, HQ., 502nd PIR: PA, NJ MD.
101st Airborne Division, E-Co., 2/506th PIR & 1st BN 401st GIR: Illinois/Midwest.
101st Airborne Division, I-Co., 506th PIR (HRS): Florida
101st Airborne Division, 327th GIR (TSG): NE Ohio.
101st Airborne Division, C.Co, 1/327th GIR: Michigan/Indiana.
101st Airborne Division, 3rd Platoon, 327th GIR: TN, AL, & MS.
101st Airborne Division, 401st GIR: Wisconsin.
101st Airborne Timeline Living History Society: Great Lakes US.
103rd Division, 410th Infantry Regiment: PA & MD based.
106th Cavalry Group: Ohio.
517th PRCT/511th PIR PA based.

U.S. ARMY AIR CORPS:        [return to top of page]
USAAF Living History Group: Public display unit based in Vermont.

U.S. MARINE CORPS:        [return to top of page]
3rd Raider Battalion, C-Co.:

OTHER U.S. LIVING HISTORY GROUPS:        [return to top of page]
Naval Historical Detachment: US Navy & Coast Guard living history group, operating on real WW II vessels.
WWII Impressions Living History Group: East coast youth US reenactors group

POLISH:        [return to top of page]
1st Independent Parachute Brigade: East-coast US.
10th Dragoons, 1st Armored Division: Main site for the east-coast & Midwest groups.
1st Infantry Division "Tadeusza Kosciuszki": Russian front "LWP" unit; based in Chicago.

RUSSIAN:        [return to top of page]
8th Guards Mechanized Corps:
Midwest/Central states and Texas.
36th Motorized Rifle Division (TSG): Indiana & Michigan.
39th Guards Division (E-mail link): Ohio-based unit.
253rd Rifle Regiment, 45th Division: Great Lakes US.
89th Guards Rifle Division: Texas.
150th Rifle Division (CHG): California
193rd Rifle Division: East-coast US.
197th Guards: Florida/Georgia.
343rd Rifle Division (TSG): Midwest US.

BRITISH/COMMONWEALTH:        [return to top of page]
2/2 6th Australian Division, 2nd AIF: "Diggers" from Indiana, USA & Australia.
7th Black Watch (Scottish Highlanders): East coast US.
A Coy, 7th (L.I.) Para Bn, 6th Airborne Division (NMHA): Florida.
#10 Commando (TSG): (E-mail link); - Midwest.
Coldstream Guards (TSG): Chicagoland.
15th Scottish Division: The Carolinas (US).
19th Regiment of Foot, The Green Howards: Northern CA.
Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (TMHS): Texas.
Queen's Own Rifles (Canada): East-coast US.

Axis Reenactment Units

DEUTCHES HEER (Army):        [return to top of page]
3.Kompanie, "Großdeutschland" (TSG/GPS): 
Idaho, Nebraska, & Iowa.
7.Kompanie, "Großdeutschland" (W2HPG): 
2.Panzerdivision (WW2HRS):
Chicagoland & Midwest.
38.Panzer Pionier Bat., 2.Panzerdivision (TSG): Northern Ohio.
3.Panzergrenadier Division: New England.
Panzeraufklärungs-Abteilung 11 / 11.Panzer-Division: East-coast.
2.Kompanie, Panzergrenadier Regiment 110, 11.Panzer Division (NWHA): Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.
21.Panzerdivision (CHG): California.
25.Panzergrenadier Division: Indiana/Illinois.
15.Infanterie Regiment/29.Panzer Grenadier Division (NMHA): Tennessee.

43.Sturmpionier Bataillon: Florida.
45.Infanterie-Division / 135.Regiment: Based in South NJ, DE and PA.
5.Kompanie, PzGren.Rgt.60, 116.Panzerdivision (TSG): Midwest USA "Windhund".
Infanterie Regiment 134, 44.Infanterie Division, "Hoch- und Deutschmeister": Southeast US.
272.Volksgrenadier Division (e-mail link): Eastern PA.
Ostbattalion, 352.Infanteriedivision: Singapore-based unit portaying the Asiatics serving the Wehrmacht.
1./Feldgendarmerie Abt. 541: "Chain-dog" unit in New England.
Grenadier Regiment 980: PA, NJ, and New England.

WAFFEN-SS:        [return to top of page]
1.LSSAH, "Die Leibstandarte": National (US).
1.LSSAH, "Die Leibstandarte": Australia.
1.LSSAH, Aufklärungs Abteilung 1 (TMHS): Texas.
Schwere SS-Panzerabteilung 101: Europe.
Second Battle Group: English LSSAH.
4.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment "Der Führer", 2.SS Division, "Das Reich": Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois.
2.SS Panzerdivision, "Das Reich" (HRS): Minnesota.
3.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment "Deutschland", 2.SS Division "Das Reich" (TMHS): Louisiana/Texas.
9.Kompanie, 3.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment, "Deutchland", 2.SS Division "Das Reich": New England.
12.Kompanie, 3.SS-Panzergrenadier Rgt. “Deutschland”, 2.SS Division “Das Reich”: East-coast US.
3.SS Panzer Division 'Totenkopf": Florida.
2./SS-Panzer Pionier Bat. 5, 5.SS Division, "Wiking" (ETO): Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, & Missouri.
9.SS Division, "Hohenstaufen": East-coast US.
9./20.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment, 9.SS Division, "Hohenstaufen" (TSG): Michigan/Indiana.
10.SS "Frundsberg" (WW2LHG): East-coast US.
7.Kp, II./23.SS Panzergrenadier Regiment "Norge" (TSG): Central Ohio.
12.SS Division, "Hitlerjungend" (WW2 HRS): Minnesota.
1.Kompanie, I./Panzergrenadier Rgt. 25, 12.SS "Hitlerjugend": UK-based unit, doubling as US 2nd Armored.
17.SS Division, "Götz von Berlichingen" (AHG): Arizona.
17.SS Division, "Götz von Berlichingen": Eastern Pennsylvania.
British Free Corps: Unit based in OH specializing in British volunteers in the SS.

DEUTSCHER LUFTWAFFE (Air Force):        [return to top of page]
3.Kompanie, Fallschirm-Pionier-Batallion 1, 1.Fallschirmjäger Division (W2HPG): Pennsylvania-based airborne engineer unit.
Luftlande Sturmregiment (W2HPG): New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & New York.
Fallschirmpionierbattalion 5: Germany-based historical & reenactment site.
5./Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6 (HRHR): Midwest & east-coast US.
2.Kompanie,Fusilier Batalion.16,16.Luftwaffe Field Division (E-mail link): North Carolina.
II/Panzergrenadier Regiment 1, Panzer Division "Hermann Göring": Mid-Atlantic US.
Luftwaffe Aircrew Reenactors Association: Living history group for airshows & displays; US nationwide.

ITALY:        [return to top of page]
Battaglione Para Nembo: RSI paratroopers out of the NY area.
Battaglione "IX Settembre": "Black shirt" special unit based in OH.

JAPAN:        [return to top of page]
Imperial Japanese Army Reenactors:
The first website for IJA reenacting.


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EMC Militaria - Reproduction U.S. Uniforms and other reenactor supplies. Service-Connected Disabled Veteran owned business.
WWII Military Stencils - Military Stencils for Vehicles, Crates and loads more by Paul Anderson!!!!
World War Two Impressions - Reproduction U.S. Uniforms
Lost Battlions - Reproduction U.S. & German Uniforms
What Price Glory - British & U.S. Original & Reproduction Uniforms& Equipment
Military Marketplace - Original U.S. Uniforms and Equipment
Bayonet Inc. - Reproduction WWII Military Field Gear & Equipment
At The Front - Reproduction U.S. & German Uniforms & Equipment
Grigsby Militaria - Reproduction U.S. & German Uniforms & Equipment
Civilian Marksmanship Program - Civilian Marksmanship Program Surplus Rife Sales
Scott Duff U.S.Martial Arms - U.S. WWII Weapons, and Books
Joe Swanson- Blank Ammunition
Gopher Munitions Works- Blank Ammunition
WW II Blank Ammuntion - Blank Ammunition
Top Pots- U.S. WW II Helmet Restorations
M1940 Dogtag Chains
Rennactors Consumer Guide- (Thanks to The Green Devils)
Other Reenactor and Research Sites
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Historic Soldiers Weekend - Historic Soldiers Weekend Event Website
Hardscrabble Farm - WWII GI Research and Information
Survivors Stories - Independant WWII films brought to you by Michael D. Fratracelli
WWII Reenactors Forum - Reenactors bulletin board - plenty of info and how-to's from other reenactors
Mid-Atlantic Air Museum - Hosts of the Reading WWII weekend
Northwestern University Library WWII Poster Collection - WWII propaganda posters
World War Two On The Radio - WWII radio recordings
Authentic History Center - WWII radio recordings
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