The 9th Division WWII Historical Preservation Society
The "Old Reliables" of the 9th Infantry Division was among the first U.S. combat units to engage in offensive ground operations during World War II. Their purpose was to fight for freedom, democracy, the American way, and most of all for each other. The Division was sent to Africa for its baptism of fire. The 9th saw its first combat on 8 November 1942, when its elements landed at Algiers, Safi, and Port Lyautey, with the taking of Safi by the 3rd Battalion of the 47th Infantry Regiment standing as the first liberation of a city from Axis control in World War II.The 9th landed at Palermo, Sicily, and took part in the capture of Randazzo and Messina. After returning to England for further training, the division hit Utah Beach on 10 June 1944 (D plus 4), cut off the Cotentin Peninsula, drove on to Cherbourg and penetrated the port's heavy defenses.After a brief rest in July, the division took part in the St. Lo break-through and in August helped close the Falaise Gap. Turning east, the 9th crossed the Marne, 28 August, swept through Saarlautern, and in November and December held defensive positions from Monschau to Losheim. Moving north to Bergrath, Germany, it launched an attack toward the Roer, 10 December, taking Echtz and Schlich. From mid-December through January 1945, the division held defensive positions from Kalterherberg to Elsenborn. On 30 January the division jumped off from Monschau in a drive across the Roer and to the Rhine, crossing at Remagen, 7 March. After breaking out of the Remagen bridgehead, the 9th assisted in the sealing and clearing of the Ruhr Pocket, then moved 150 miles (240 km) east to Nordhausen and attacked in the Harz Mountains, 14–20 April. On 21 April the Division relieved the 3d Armored Division along the Mulde River, near Dessau, and held that line until VE-day.  


The 9th Division WWII Historical Preservation Society is fighting to preserve the history of and to honor the veterans who fought and gave their all so that we could be here today. We are an organization that participates in historical displays, WWII air shows and tactical re-enactments. Through this The 9th Division WWII Historical Preservation Society is helping to keep alive the memory of this outstanding division. We portray many different impressions within the 9th Division including the 60th Infantry Regiment, 4th Cavalry and the 9th Signal Battalion. We also portray impressions such as Airborne, Rangers, MP and other infantry units depending upon the event we are attending.

Over the past several years members of the 9th have worked together donating their time and sweat to become a close knit group WWII re-enactors who can portray a seasoned unit, whether it is a unit right off of the front lines, a unit that is drilling in boot camp, or a unit in Paris on R&R. Each member is a collector and historian of the WWII equipment and tactics. Each contributes items from their own personal collection of original uniforms, equipment and vehicles. All U.S. WWII weapons from pistols, rifles, machine guns and other weapons are represented.
One thing that separates us from other G.I. reenactment units is that we focus our efforts on a Unit Impression not an individual Sgt Rock impression. By setting up our camps focused on one unit, one period in time, we believe that we represent a snapshot of the 9th Division as it actually appeared during that period of World War II. Currently we have a growing and stable membership base in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, New York and Maine.
The 9th Division WWII Historical Preservation Society is always looking for new recruits who can add value to the 9th and to the hobby! If you think you have what it takes to join our organization, contact us by going to the "Recruitment Office" at the top of this page and enlist today!